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Network Services

Less Static.  Better Communication.

Where is your network taking you?

We take data seriously.

The appropriate delivery of data throughout your facility or campus is of utmost importance. Following manufacturer recommendations, labeling and maping EVERY run, and even investing time in pulling cables correctly helps set our service apart from others. Our installation crews put in the extra effort to make sure fiber and cabling projects perform to the utmost throughputs.

DCS installation crews attend regular manufacturer certification courses so we can continue to provide superior cabling services. This ensures that you have DCS guarantees AND manufacturer certified warranties to stand behind.

Is your network even safe?

More businesses put themselves at risk without even knowing it, not by forgetting to lock up at night or leaving the cash register open - but with the connected business environment we all operate in, every data connection is a potential threat.

DCS is constantly working to keep your business secure. Every time you send an email, open a web link, or hire a new employee DCS is there to help keep your company's data safe. We can help control what websites your employees are allowed to access - or which they are not allowed to access. We can help create secure tunnels for you to work from home or a remote office. We can help backup your critical information in a secure manner.

Using the most up to date hardware and software, we can provide a peace of mind so you can focus on your business and not worry about who's locking up your company's information each night.

How can we help?

We look forward to the opportunity to serve!